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How We Work
We at ABR believe that every business has different needs. When talking to a company for the first time, we conduct an initial assessment interview, which is completely free of charge and without obligation, to identify needs, resources and the objectives of the principals.

Arising from this meeting, we will prepare a fully costed proposal which reflects the ambitions of the company and is tailored to provide only those services which cannot be met from the skill set and time resources within the business.

Our proposal will draw on the diverse abilities of the ABR team, who are qualified and experienced in Finance, Accountancy, Administration, Sales & Marketing, and Production/Operational management.

Every step of a programme is discussed in detail, enabling the incumbent management team to develop its own skills as a part of the process, with the overall objective of better future performance of the business.

All fees are agreed in advance; there are no surprises.

ABR has been working to help businesses since its formation in 1995 - there is a wealth of knowledge and experience available to help you. Please read about ABR’s Services, but remember this is only a set of convenient headings; our experience and skills extend beyond this, and the package for each project is different.

Who We Are

We operate as Anglia Business Network, which is an association of talented and experienced business professionals who are accustomed to operating at Board level. Each has their own network of contacts, which they are prepared to make available to other associates. Members of the Network are not only highly competent in their own professional disciplines, but they are also well versed in general management principles, enabling them to rapidly assess a business’s requirements for executive or non-executive assistance and support.

Most business disciplines are embraced by the Network but, where a particular discipline is not available for any reason, then the Network maintains a database of reliable, proven providers who can supplement the ABN resource.. Thus in any given situation, the Network would expect to be able to provide whatever assistance or support is required with, where appropriate, a member of the Network leading a suitably structured project team of other professionals. Examples include the provision of an ‘off the shelf’ Board of Directors or provision of regular monthly support which might be marketing one month, finance the next and so on, according to the needs of the business

Members are encouraged to refer work to other members of the Network if there are benefits to the client to be derived by deploying the specialist expertise of one or more of its other members in place of the introducing member..

The Network does not operate a complex set of restrictive rules and procedures though it does maintain a series guidance notes on policies, procedures and protocols to govern the relationship of members with clients and with one another. The guidance notes are founded on fundamental principles of: absolute integrity, fairness, equity, good faith and the acceptance that clients’ interests are paramount.